My name is Belén, a 19 years old girl from Spain who is someone who doesn't need none telling her what to say, believe or do... She can do it! This is a part of my history:
All started with a day...
27 December 20 and something
My father had a heart attack and that changed everything i knew, I left my school two times in a row because I cannot hold my anxiety and panics attacks anymore.
For a long time I feel like an Alien, everyone had their studies, their social life... And I didn't have any of all of this. I was struggling with anxiety and depression.That was hard and I thought that I was all alone, that nobody understand what I was dealing, I was scared (and my family too) to explain why I left school... I Became a person that I don't recognize as myself, my anxiety made me behavior like a crazy, bad person for years that I started to think that I was like that: a cruel person.
 But now I can say that I won't ever regret anything, because my anxiety and all the moments that I had to suffer for it, all of that have made me who I am right now: I have find myself being alone (that is the only way to do it), I have become better person, I have reconnected with my family, now I know who it is real... So many things that I would never see if my anxiety hasn't appear on time.
I always wanted to be editor of a magazine (I know weird) so when this tough chapter is ending I thought that I can share with someone my journey and steps that I made/making to become the person who I really want to be, now I own my life, now I now who I am and I hope that I can help as other people has helped me to be on the position that I am today.
I chose "Our long road" as name of my blog inspired by Ithaka Poem, where you can understand that should enjoy your journey and not focus only on your ultimate goal because maybe that goal isn't what you expected and you have lost the opportunity to make that Journey, aka life, unic.
I don't really looking to make a simple "blog", I want to make a community where all of us can help people, where we can share our thoughts and ideas. This blog isn't mine is ours! Is for every reader that is reading it, every people who talk about it, comment on it...

So, This life is our so we have to start enjoying it!
Welcome to Our Blog!